About Us

Indian Motorworks LLC

We at Indian Motor Works love to ride, restore, revive and enhance the performance of Indian motorcycles. We operate out of a 9000 sq ft fully facilitated machine shop that has been dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Indian motorcycles. In 1977 the working owner and founder of IMW, Jeff Grigsby, decided to move away from Harley Davidson and deal exclusively with Indian. In the same year Grigsby acquired his first significant buyout of Indian Motorcycles and parts. Grigsby’s foundation as an accomplished machinist, critical eye for detail, and passionate work ethic has created a long standing and integrous reputation. Long time friend and partner, Miles Reece, was involved with Indian Motorcycles since purchasing his first Indian motorcycle from the legendary Sam Pierce in So. Calif. in 1972. An accomplished aircraft mechanic and commercial pilot, Miles had long had a passion for these classic machines. He developed extraordinary skills as a fabricator, builder, and restorer of countless Indian motorcycles here at Indian Motor Works before his death in 2014.

With this work comes a great responsibility. We pride ourselves on our methods of achieving the highest standard of accuracy, originality, and reliability. An Indian in need of attention, repair or restoration couldn’t find itself in a better setting. There is substantial criteria that defines a quality restoration. We strive to do our best in every aspect with full attention to detail.