We are passionate about Indians, to say we know them well is an understatement. It is our wish to help whoever, however we can. Our extensive restoration experience has given us a wealth of information and for years we have been helping people understand there is a correct and methodical procedure when adhering to a quality restoration.

There is a standard for every project, and at IMW it is our intention to achieve that standard. Whether you are considering turning your Indian into a 100 point restoration, or you are seeking a bike not to show, but to ride, there is a specific process and methodology that must be considered. It is important to remember not all parts and services are created equal. There are numerous companies manufacturing the same parts (of varying quality) and Indian Motor Works’ experienced team can help guide you to the right suppliers, services and opportunities for your Indian.


We are here for you! If you are considering purchasing and Indian motorcycle from a 3rd party we would be happy to assist you in the decision making process. If you would like our expertise and assessment of a motorcycle, please send us detailed photographs and as much history of the motorcycle as possible. This will give us a clearer picture of the condition, authenticity and things to consider about the motorcycle you’re proposing to buy.