Charlie Baughn:

Senior Managing Director & CFO, Hines


I met Jeff Grigsby in the mid 1970s in Boulder, CO – we were both much younger. A friend of mine had an Indian Chief that was a basket case (in boxes) that we messed around with until we realized we were in over our heads. Ultimately, we made a smart decision and sold it to Jeff. At the time, I also had a “barn-fresh” 1941 military Harley Davidson.

I was pleased 5 or 6 years ago when I came across Jeff and Indian Motor Works again and learned in hewas in Bayfield, CO, close to a summer camp my family had plans to visit. When I stopped by I was amazed how far Jeff’s operation had come since Boulder. I fell in love and bought from Jeff a buckskin-colored Indian Chief ’41. When it arrived in Houston, it started on the first kick as promised.

Since then, Jeff has refurbished a 1939 four-cylinder Indian, and the fuel chassis and power plant on a 1941 that my son and I are restoring.

Oh, and the ’41 Harley Davidson had been sitting for quite a while when I asked Jeff if he could give it a good once-over. I wasn’t sure he would know how to work on a Harley, but he really came through. It runs like a top.

If you have a question about an Indian Motorcycle, Jeff Grigsby of Indian Motor Works has the answer.

Chris Friedlander:


Hard to believe it’s been over 15 years since Jeff Grigsby and I met over the phone, and even harder to believe we’ve never had a face to face. I will say for the record that I have never had a better feeling about doing business with someone since my first purchase in 1998 of the ’41 Four and ’50 Chief and sidecar.

Jeff has always been knowledgeable beyond his peers, honest, and candid with his words from opinions to descriptions. Jeff is faithful to the legacy of the “Indian Brand” and always has the last word when it comes to any of my other motorcycle purchases.

Craig Brown:

Owner, Brown’s Welding


I have known and done business with Jeff Grigsby for over four decades. From the beginning, attention always starts with quality. It’s important in the world of vintage motorcycles. People want a bike that looks authentic, sounds right, feels right, priced right, and produces the ride of a lifetime.

Jeff Grigsby and Indian Motor Works has always delivered a job-well-done. It has always been a pleasure doing business together.

Dave Hamilton:


I took my 1946 Indian Chief I bought in 2010 on eBay to Jeff Grigsby at Indian Motor Works for a thorough check. On first inspection, the engine, transmission, and oil pump were pretty good and it ran straight. However, there were a lot of little things that weren’t right. As Jeff got into the bike more, he uncovered a real rats nest of broken, worn, and incorrect parts that were significant safety and reliability issues. To name just a few of the many hidden problems: a deeply grooved rear brake drum and worn out sprocket; a broken and poorly welded brake arm; worn out front brake shoes and linings; cracked rear shock casting; badly worn linkages; kinked control cables; bent front end; and oil leaking into the auxiliary gas tank.

I’m glad I didn’t “get on this bike and go” as the eBay auction suggested! Jeff and Miles at Indian Motor Works tore the bike down to the frame, then thoroughly brought it back up with all the correct hardware, lights, levers, linkages, internal parts, gauges, and switches…not only for cosmetics and authenticity, but also for safety and reliability. This turned out to require a much more extensive restoration than I envisioned when I first bought the bike and I’m really glad I decided to take it to Indian Motor Works to have the work done.

The bike is now mechanically sound, very original and correct, and most importantly safe and reliable. . . not to mention, it is a great bike to ride with first kick starts, good compression, great handling, smooth shifting, and strong braking.

Bottom line: Indian Motor Works promises a good hour’s work for an hour charged, and with a machine shop dedicated to restoring Indian Motorcycles and over 35 years of experience, they can get a lot done in an hour. And you’ll know it’s done right! I wouldn’t take my Chief anywhere else.

Joel Tillman:


Having been born and raised in Indian Motorcycles’ hometown of Springfield, Mass, I have always dreamed of owning and Indian. It was now or never. But where to start?

eBay seemed the logical approach because of the buyer protection offered. After reviewing dozens of auctions, I came upon Indian Motor Works. The philosophy, the description of the shop, and the claims made for product excellence were encouraging. The bike looked gorgeous in the photos and the build specifications made this seem like an ideal match. Still, I had no idea how to make a major purchase from a total stranger who was several thousand miles away.

Before I made a bid I did some background checking on Indian Motor Works and Jeff Grigsby. He doesn’t advertise. However, literally every link on Google speaks very highly of both the owner and the business. To my pleasant surprise, I called Jeff to discuss the bike. He was totally accessible, patient, and indulgent with me and my endless questions. So armed and ready, I placed a winning bid.

It is an understatement to say that I am satisfied and happy with my Chief. I like every small detail – from the shift knob, to the seat, to the extra chrome. Your assurance that it’s as strong as any other build makes it all that more desirable. Every claim made was substantiated. The bike is every bit as beautiful as it appeared on eBay and the attention to detail is astounding. It runs every bit as good as it looks – reliable, powerful, and smooth.

Jeff’s sterling reputation is well deserved, and I personally vouch for his honesty and integrity. His finished products are works of art. Jeff’s forty-year commitment and dedication to the preservation of the Indian Motorcycle serves all of us in the Indian community.

John Sharp:

John Sharp, Arvada, CO


“A doing-it-correct restoration of my 1950 Indian Motorcycle”

I would just like to take the time to say a thousand thank you’s for bringing back to life my 1950 Indian Chief Motorcycle “correctly”. The person who sold me the bike originally had made it look pretty, yet it was not restored correctly at all. Jeff’s attention to absolute detail is truly incredible. This motorcycle is always a head-turner and people can not believe that it is a 1950, as it looks so refreshed. I love the sound of the engine and her smooth shifting. Jeff’s attention to the detail of the internal mechanical workings is obvious as well in just how smoothly this bike runs.

The restoration by you and your associates is outstanding. I tell people there is only one person to see, and that is Jeff Grigsby at Indian Motor Works. I remember meeting Jeff for the first time when he was in Boulder, CO, and seeing his bikes then. I could go on and on about how happy I am with this bike. All I can add is that anyone who wants to have their Indian restored or purchase one from Jeff, I will gladly share my experience with them.

Just one more thing that came to mind: when I first met Jeff 23 years ago, he impressed me as being a straightforward and trustworthy individual, and that is why I came looking for him almost 20 years later to help bring back to life my 1950 Indian. I did not care about the cost, I only cared about having it done right. And that is exactly what Jeff did.

Nobuhiro Odajima

Tokyo, Japan


“1946 Indian Chief shipped to Japan”

Perfect ’46 Chief purchased and restored by Jeff Grigsby of Indian Motor Works.

Newell Wright:



After riding most of my life, I became interested in antique motorcycles. The hobby became compelling and several motorcycles passed through my care. For the first few years of owning Indians, I was at the mercy of whomever I could get to work on my motorcycle. Promises of a week or a few months for a project turned into years. Occasionally the returned product had not been repaired to satisfaction or even to function.

After retirement, I began to spend time in southwest Colorado. Because of the latter location, Indian Motor Works (IMW) of Bayfield, CO, became my go-to repair/restoration shop. Serendipitously, I cannot find a better place. I can’t say enough about Jeff Grigsby and Miles.

Indian Motorcycles are their primary business. They have a vast supply of parts – new old stock, restored and repaired originals. If IMW doesn’t have it, they can produce it. IMW is a complete machine shop. When they make an commitment to a repair or do a complete restoration, it is done as predicted, and in a proper fashion.

Although my youngest motorcycle is over seventy years old, IMW is not unlike a reputable trusted repair shop. You get your bike back when promised and they stand behind their work.

Indian Motor Works is the ultimate. The final product carries, in some small way, their stamp of “we were here, and this bike is ready for the next generation of caretakers.”